'Eve Groves’ is a short drama film.

(Filming scheduled to start June/July 2022)

A young girl seeks to bring sunshine into her mothers life as she fights with lobular breast cancer. A wonderful mum who loves her garden and her roses.


The purpose of making the film is to help further raise awareness of Invasive Lobular Carcinoma (ILC), the difficulties of diagnosis and the urgent need for more research and better screening. ILC is the second most common histological subtype of breast cancer, comprising 10% – 15% of all breast cancers. ILC impacts more women than cancers of the kidney, brain, pancreas, liver, ovaries, or Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.



Fact Not Fiction Films (FNFF), established in 2006, is a multi award-winning film and documentary production company based in West Sussex, England. It has produced over 30 documentaries and films as well as numerous corporate promo films.

FNFF specialises in aviation related projects and short films exploring matters of significant public interest. Combining passion and experience with high-end technical camera equipment, FNFF produce films to broadcast, corporate and theatrical release standards.

FNFF's mission has always been to produce captivating and compelling films that highlight key issues and make a difference in society.

Our latest documentary ‘American 965’ was a 2022 Academy Award Contender. Our three previous short films ‘Ellston Bay’, ‘Missing a Note’ and ‘Finding Wilson’ have all screened in UK cinemas. 'Missing a Note' was a 2020 Academy Award contender and 'Finding Wilson' will be submitted for consideration for 2023 shortly.

The crew that will work on ‘Eve Groves’ will be confirmed in due course.

Filming is planned for late June and early July 2022.



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